JSPR design fashion


I am creator, and visionary. I develop ideas. They are continually formed in my head and I build my visions in fabrics. High quality fabrics, made from natural fibers as wool, silk and cotton. Fabrics that enhance the design and ensure that the Wearer does not just look good but also feels good.

I am fascinated by women. i am inspired by their strength, softness and complexity. The expressions in each collection embrace the complexity of women, make room for personality, yet stay true to my sense of style and beauty.

I hope that women wearing my designs enjoy them, shine in them and wear them over and over as it is meant to.

Sustainable clothing


The responsibility

For JSPR JENSEN the unique designs and extravagant qualities loose all value if the pieces come together under poor conditions. The clothes must feel good both physically and mentally. We find it essential that we provide fair conditions for the employees in our small production unit in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Social responsibility is a key point for JSPR JENSEN, and we only employ adults, who all receive a salary that corresponds to the costs of living. In a full time position they must be able to provide food, housing, education and health care for their families and we include pension and wages during illness and vacation. We do not accept extremely long working days or working conditions that are hazardous or can cost health damage. Even if this can be challenging to uphold we find that fair trade with developing countries is of great importance.

We produce small quantities, avoid big stocks and produce on demand. We refuse to contribute to the overproduction, and enormous waste as the fashion industry is suffering from..

JSPR JENSEN has a holistic approach to the production of clothing, which is characterized by high quality in all chains. By offering ethical and social responsible working conditions we believe that we create a basis for a product which corresponds to the expectations of a modern, conscientious and fashionable woman..

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